Make Money Photographing Amateur Sports

Make Money Photographing Amateur SportsThere are many ways to go about making money from Amateur Sports.

Most of these ideas will require a small financial investment. In addition to your digital camera and digital photo editing software, these ideas will all require a substantial investment of your time.

First find out about all the sporting events taking place in your community. Here's a few to think about:

Bowling Tournaments Netball Tournaments
Tennis Tournaments Skateboard Tournaments
Dragon Boat Races Fishing Derbies
Sailing Regattas Curling Bonspiels
Basketball Tournaments Soccer Tournaments
Volleyball Tournaments Dirt Bike Tournaments

Now, Think Golf And Golf Tournaments.

Think Golf And Golf TournamentsWhy? Because wherever there is a golf course, there will be golf tournaments.

Approach the course management and negotiate a deal for you to take photographs throughout the tournament. There are a few alternatives here. You could:

Think similar approaches to other sports we listed earlier.

Children And Sports

The Jet HawksWhat about following a Little League or Children's Soccer team throughout a season, taking candid shots and action shots? At the end of the year, you could create a scrapbook, photo album or burn a CD/DVD using the best of the pictures, then sell them to proud parents. Don't forget to take pictures of the teams' more unskilled players. The children and their parents will thank you for it.

Create A Sports Calendar

Here's another approach. Create calendars using photos of the Little League children, golf tournaments, or other sporting events you have covered. Sell the calendar to athletes, managers, coaches, facility management, parents, etc. If there is a venue such as a golf course or bowling alley involved, arrange to leave calendars at the front desk where prospective buyers can order them. You could offer the venue a referral fee for all orders received via them, that way they may actively market your calendars to their clientele. (This subject is discussed at length here,).

Other Ideas

You could assemble a slideshow presentation of your pictures, or a screensaver, and sell those electronic items. Alternatively, you could distribute screensavers or slideshow presentations free of charge and incorporate advertisements for your digital photography service in the presentation. Encourage recipients to send copies to their family, friends and contacts. The more people who receive your promotional material, the better, this is called viral marketing and it's a hugely effective method of marketing your services.

Oh, and one other thing, make sure your business name, contact information and web site address goes on every calendar (ideally on every page), album, scrapbook or CD/DVD that you produce.

Suggested Equipment and Supplies

In addition to your DSLR Camera (which should be capable of fast, continuous shooting so you don't miss any of the action), suitable Lens(es) for your shoot, a plentiful supply of Duplicate Order Forms (One copy for you and one for your customer) and Business Cards to hand out, you should also consider having:

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