Make Money Building An eBay® Photo Business

Make Money Building An eBay Photo BusinessWhen you're looking for ways to make money with digital photography - Think eBay® and other online auctions.

There are at least three ways you can go about making money this way:

1. You can teach new eBay® sellers how to take appropriate pictures with a digital camera. You could offer this online as an e-course from your web site (ideally in video format), or advertise in your local community newspaper to attract participants.

2. You can market your services to eBay® super sellers living in your area. These people sell a great many items on eBay®. Time is money, and many will agree it is to their advantage to engage your services to photograph the sale items. You could offer to upload the digital photographs as part of your service.

3. Join eBay® and become a seller yourself. Scour yard sales, craft sales and other venues for interesting objects that you can purchase at a good price and sell them on eBay®. OK, I know, this is not strictly making money from digital photography but it will put your digital photography skills to work. Excellent photos of the items you have for sale will help them sell.

Make sure you check out the eBay® Help Center to learn what you need to know about eBay's photo requirements.

Digital Photography for Auctions

Here are some tips on photographing items for online auctions:

Many digital SLR now have automatic Image Stabilization, however, if you don't have one of these models then your model will be sensitive to motion or vibration which will produce pictures that are blurred. You can avoid this problem by using a tripod.

Tripods are quite affordable and are your best choice if you want to avoid blurred images. I've seen offers for mini tripod (great for photographing small items) on eBay® for as little as $7 plus shipping (at time of writing), and there are offers on the auction giant for larger sized tripods, including light-weight portable ones that are great for traveling for as little as $12 plus shipping (at time of writing).

To edit your digital photos, the best known applications include:

Now go put your digital photography skills to work on your online auctions and watch the sales roll in.

Suggested Equipment and Supplies

In addition to your DSLR Camera and suitable Lens(es) for your shoot, you should also consider having:

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