Make Money Photographing Children's Birthday Parties

Make Money Photographing Children's Birthday PartiesAs mentioned elsewhere, you might think it impossible to make money photographing children's birthday parties since just about everyone has a digital camera or camera phone these days, but you'd be wrong...

Many camera owners don't know how to use their cameras properly and end up taking dreadful pictures.

If it's a special event, people get caught up in the moment and forget to take pictures (I've done it myself, more than once).

The person who takes the photographs seldom shows up in group pictures.

These are good reasons why people are open to the idea of using a professional photographer, and of course this is where you come in.

Now let's start thinking about children's birthday parties…

Chances are that the answer is a resounding yes. So here's what you do:

Contact the managers of the establishments that host children's birthday parties and negotiate a deal with them to actively promote your services as a party photographer when parents book the parties at their venue. You could offer to pay a commission for every booking that they refer to you. If you can't secure such a deal, then perhaps you can arrange to leave a supply of brochures where parents will see them when they book their party.

Blowing Out The Candles

Your brochures should be colorful, fun, display your best birthday party pictures and list the many ways in which your digital photography can enhance the party, such as:

You can come up with tons of ideas to promote your digital photography business at a children's birthday party.

When you get a booking, be sure to take plenty of brochures and business cards. Ask the host/hostess to send a brochure home with each child. You could also include a discount coupon to anyone who books your digital photography services at the party. Don't forget to give one or more to the host/hostess. They may have other children who need parties. Failing that, there is always next year.

Oh. And one more thought - suggest to the venue manager that you create a bulletin board or display showing pictures of happy birthday parties. It's a good marketing tool for them to use to promote their birthday parties - and a good marketing tool for you to promote your digital photography services

Suggested Equipment and Supplies

In addition to your DSLR Camera, suitable Lens(es) for your shoot, a plentiful supply of Duplicate Order Forms and Brochures to hand out to parents, you should also consider having:

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