Make Money With A Family Slide Show Service

Portable DVD PlayerHere is a wonderful way to sell your work. Even better, you will simultaneously make a senior citizen very happy while solving a difficult gift buying challenge that many families face.

Here's The Challenge You Solve

Today's geographically dispersed families find it difficult to visit and maintain in-person contact with one another. Those who suffer the most from this isolation are the senior citizens - those folks whose health or financial resources may prevent long distance travel to visit family members.

Our seniors crave family mementos and photographs. They may not have a computer to receive email, or may lack the computer skills needed to display emailed digital photographs.

Now, on the other hand, distant family members struggle to think of suitable gifts for their senior members. Once we reach a "certain age" we become difficult to shop for. Storage space may be limited, for example, if the senior is living in a retirement home - and endless gifts of aftershave, handkerchiefs and sweaters soon become meaningless!

Here's The Solution

Here's a unique and most welcome gift that you can promote with your digital photography. It's one that solves the gift-giving problem while lessening the senior's sense of isolation.

You compile a large selection of family photographs and then burn them onto a DVD, using slide show or presentation software such as Photodex's ProShow. Alternatively you could use a membership service such as Slideroll™ Pro. Slideroll™ also offers a free Video Creation application for your PC (or Mac) that turns your Slideroll™ slideshows into true video that can be burned onto DVD and viewed on a TV.

Next, package the DVD with a small, portable DVD player. Amazon sells these Portable DVD Players at prices ranging from about $50 to $300 (at time of writing). Screen sizes range between 7 and 10 inches - select a model with one of the larger size screens with large control buttons as elderly eyes have problems with small displays and arthritic fingers struggle with miniature buttons and dials.

Do remember to test your DVD disk on the player to make sure that it all works before turning it over to the family.

What You Need To Do

To provide this digital photography service, you will need to contract with a family member who will be responsible for collecting photos from other family members. Don't fall into the trap of taking on this responsibility yourself otherwise you will waste endless hours reminding people to get their photos to you in the mail, or whatever the agreed upon delivery method is. You might take the photographs of a local family members yourself, if you choose.

Let your client know, however, that family members do not need to part with treasured photographs for this package. They can scan the photos (or get them scanned) and send these digital copies to your client who passes them along to you. Alternatively, they can take their photographs to a store such as Staples that provides high quality photocopying services. There, they can photocopy their pictures onto glossy, snapshot quality paper and you can scan these into the slideshow.

When the client produces the photos from other people, you create your slide show presentation. You can get special software programs that create stand-alone slide shows such as Photodex's ProShow mentioned above, or you could make a movie presentation with the Slideroll™ Pro video creation application which you can burn onto a DVD.

Please be sure to remind the family that the senior citizen could require help learning to use the DVD disk and player. Ask them to arrange for someone to provide this help if necessary.

This is a unique gift and a wonderful use for your digital photography and digital photo editing skills.

And, even better, you can sell updates for future years. Once the senior has the DVD player, he or she will appreciate receiving additional DVD presentations of birthday parties, reunions, new homes purchased, family vacations and so forth.

Suggested Equipment and Supplies

In addition to your DSLR Camera, suitable Lens(es) for your shoot, a plentiful supply of Duplicate Order Forms (One copy for you and one for your customer) and Business Cards to hand out, you should also consider having:

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