Make Money Teaching Digital Photography Workshops And Classes

Make Money Teacing Digital PhotoraphyIf you've been into photography for while you have probably built a great deal of know-how on how to get the best results from your digital camera, so teaching digital photography workshops and classes is almost guaranteed to bring in some cash. There are various ways to approach this.

Workshops And Courses

Hire a suitable venue to run workshops and courses in specialist subjects such as Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Close-Up (Macro) Photography etc. You would undoubtedly attract participants, but there are start-up costs involved in hiring space and promoting your courses and workshops, so you will need some financial resources to get the business off the ground initially.

Workshops And Courses - Additional Revenue

As an additional revenue stream you could have your workshops and courses recorded on video and transferred to DVD to sell on the Internet or by Mail Order. You will need a good quality master DVD and eye-catching artwork for the disk and case (using some of your own photos of course and including some info about your service and contact details). You will need blank, printable DVDs and a suitable printer to print them, together with DVD cases and a printed insert (You can do this on the inkjet as well) to go into them.

Initially you can copy off duplicates on your PC and print your own disks and inserts as your orders start to come in. However you will find that it's a time consuming chore and unless you have the facilities and the finished item will probably not look very professional. And If the sales suddenly start to ramp up you will probably find yourself unable to cope with increase volume.

A better way is to use one of the many Print on Demand/Drop-ship companies you can find on the Internet. One that comes highly recommended is Kunaki. At time of writing they offer a duplication service with full color DVD and DVD case, cellophane-wrapped for $1.75 each + Shipping and Handling, with no minimum order quantity and they will ship worldwide. But you should be aware that shipping costs are quite high for small quantity orders.

Sell Video Courses On The Internet

If you don't feel you want to go the workshop/course route then you could devise video courses on various aspects of digital photography such as Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Digital Photo editing etc. and sell them from your web site. Do some research and see what's selling, then plan out your video course, shoot it and you can either set it up for your customers to download from your site and/or sell physical DVDs using a service like Kunaki. As an alternative this would not require as much capital to start up as live courses and workshops.

The easiest way to get a web site set up is to use Wordpress. For this you will need:

More Teaching Opportunities

If you are just starting your career as a digital photographer, you might want to look for more economical approaches. Here are some suggestions:

If your local real estate association has an office, you can enquire about using that space for your class.

Note: If you are planning to teach classes on digital photography, you must be very clear about what you can accomplish in your classes. It can be difficult to provide individual instruction to participants, especially if the class is a large one. Instead, develop a list of techniques that you can explain and demonstrate using a projector and screen.

One of the best ways to handle this is to use a laptop and projector to demonstrate and illustrate your points with a PowerPoint presentation.

You could also show your participants how to edit their digital photos with Photoshop or whatever photo editing software you use and sell a CD/DVD covering specific editing techniques using that program.

Oh. And remember to include some promotional material about your business on the CD/DVD.

Teaching digital photography can be a great way to get your business underway.

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