Photoshop Crash Course

Photoshop Crash CourseThe Photoshop Crash Course, by professional photographer Michael Andrew, is for beginners and intermediate users who own any version of Photoshop (PS) from 7.0 and up, as well as all versions of Photoshop Elements.

In this 2 disc DVD set, Michael personally tutors you in the most important PS techniques, focussing on the core tools and providing you with the know-how to get into the action after just one viewing.

Michael's approach to teaching this photo editing program is unique in that he doesn't take you step-by-step through each topic, instead he teaches you how to Think in Photoshop terms, which will allow you to tackle and solve just about any creative problem as you advance in your skills.

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And then there's Michael's Think Flow technique will save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration as you learn the PS system, letting you focus your creative energy directly, instead of wandering aimlessly this complex photo editing program.

If you own Photoshop and aren't exactly sure why it is such an amazing program, the Photoshop Crash Course is just what you need. Run time for this training course is around 395 minutes.

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Video Example: Photoshop Crash Course - Layers

The Photoshop Crash Course Order Your Copy Now

Photoshop Crash Course - What You Will Learn

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